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Feedback rilasciati dai partecipanti con borsa di studio
ai seminari di agricoltura tenuti da Enzo Nastati
in Colorado e  Kentucky (U.S.A.) nel mese di ottobre 2013

Borse di studio rilasciate da Biodynamic Scholarship Fund – USA

I would like to thank everybody who contributed in any way in making it possible for me to attend Enzo's Nastati's seminar in Colorado. I feel so very truly grateful to have received this opportunity.
It was such an enriching experience that I know will influence me for the rest of my life.  What an amazing man with such a beautiful, humble message. I am so excited to try all the of the new preps that he brought to us, such as the ones for drought and frost. I am eager to start studying and fully understanding all of his different concepts and methods. I can't wait to have a bigger property to really put some of his practices to use, like the farm organism.The way that he really understands the energy of the cosmos at work on the plants is so amazing to me. I earn to experience my garden (and future farm) with that much intuition and passion. I am new to Biodynamics, and though I felt a little like an Algebra student thrown into an Advanced Calculus class, this seminar was so worth it. I look forward to watching the DVD over and over again; there were so many nuggets of knowledge.  I know this is work that I will be studying and sharing for a very long time. I have also invested in an Italian language course so that someday I may go and study with him in Italy, as I feel that I have so much more to learn from him.  
Thank you again so very much for making it possible for me to attend this seminar.
Kindest Regards,
Emily Wenham
"Returning to our farm, contemplating and following Enzo's advice, I am becoming evermore grateful for the seminar.  He gave clear, simple, practical and spiritual advice that has changed the way we farm and live.  I know now that the 'Farmer is a preparation and our quality is created drop by drop.'  I am so thankful that Sylvia can translate!"
-Andrea Martone
Returning to our farm, contemplating and following Enzo's advice, I am becoming ever more grateful for the seminar.  He gave clear, simple, practical and spiritual advice that has changed the way I farm and live.  The Enzo Nastati seminar was intensive and fast paced.  I have many new thoughts to integrate and contemplate.  The seminar left me feeling very grateful to have been able to learn from someone like Enzo, his work integrates spiritual perspective and practicality unlike anything I have previously witnessed.  I have become greatly inspired to continue studying the sacred in agriculture and to allow myself to be changed in heart and mind.  I am so grateful for Sylvia, who has studied with Enzo, to have been our interpreter.  She was able to put into English some very special thoughts.
Enzo taught that for every problem there is a solution that is discovered with a change of heart and mind. He explained how spiritual forces work to create a material world, the importance of discovering the spiritual names of things, seeing the planets and the stars in plants and animals, looking at form.  Enzo stated over and over that “the quality of 1000 drops is made drop by drop.”  I take this to mean that with spiritual understanding we have immense capability to create quality in all that we do.  Enzo showed us how we could improve the effectiveness of preparations and the quality of compost by incorporating spiritual understanding.   I learned about the interactive forces on the farm and in a human; forces of life and death, incarnating and excarnating, astral, etheric.  Understanding these forces, he told us how to improve the quality of dynamization, compost, preparation making, water vitality, seed germination and much more.  We learned how to make a “medicine” cabinet of treatments for weeds, funguses and other preparations.  Enzo emphasized low tech and inexpensive in his techniques for enlivening Life.  I learned that basic movements like clockwise and counterclockwise have meaning and an affect.  I can apply this to the way I prune our fruit trees or stir a preparation.  Aside from all the technical advice, Enzo taught me a new way to think, a way that I can open my heart to life.   
 It has definitely changed the way I farm.  My old ways are gone, yet my new ways not developed.  I actually feel an emptiness were once I had answers.  Enzo said, “Clean, clean, clean.”  Pointing out that for us to see clearly and to truly know anything we need to attend to the inner work of ourselves.  So, now I am curious. How will these changes in myself enable me to unite my farm with Life?  What are our practical next steps?  What I walk away with most after this seminar, is enthusiasm to study the works of Rudolf Steiner, Enzo Nastati and other great biodynamic thinkers, feelers, and doers.  I want to learn from them!  It is the practice of this work with Life, which makes me want to farm.  Enzo said that “The farmer is a preparation.”  How important it is for me to remember that.  
It has been a special event for me to leave behind the daily rigors of my life, to a graciously hosted seminar, in Paonia, that unraveled my mind with new thoughts, and to return home with an inspired heart, to practice the love of my work in my farm, myself and in all of life.
Thank You, contributors and all who make the scholarship fund possible, from the bottom of my heart,
Andrea Martone
Words are difficult to describe the impact of attending the Enzo Nastati conference of Homeodynamics in beautiful Paonia, Colorado last week. Five packed days of immersion, incredible food and commraderie transpired in the green valleys of orchards between the snow covered peaks. Our work as Biodynamic farmers has been totally renewed by Enzo and then translated to us through Sylvia and Jessi. Enzo and his team are pioneering a leading edge of low tech, modern techniques that also rely on the standards created by Rudolph Steiner almost a hundred years ago. Combining spirituality from ancient theology, together with the wisdom of eastern teachings, and the ideas of new age philosophy, combined to make a very powerful platform from which to grow ourselves and our crops. As we return to our farm to reflect, study and put to use the Homeodynamic skills we are learning we are inspired to share and encourage all farmers to incorporate these new techniques of dynamyzation. Thank you to everyone involved in providing our venue! Thank you to The Biodynamic Scholarship Fund without which we would not have been able to attend this life changing event!
Brad Crist
Many thanks to the Biodynamic Scholarship Fund for helping me attend the recent workshop with Enzo Nastati at Foxhollow Farm in Kentucky. This was the first large gathering of biodynamic practitioners that I have attended. It was wonderful to learn from Enzo's vast store of knowledge and to have the opportunity to network with people from around the US and Canada. The workshop reinvigorated my commitment to biodynamics and increased my desire to learn more and share the possibilities with others.
Enzo began the workshop by soliciting questions and problems from the participants. Over the next 5 days he systematically addressed the questions within the context of biodynamics and offered solutions to the problems. It was truly a ‘crash course’ in the biodynamic way of thinking, but in many ways it was very practical and logical, as well. Kudos also to Enzo’s interpreter, Sylvia, who was often caught between the ‘rock and a hard place’ of translation and meaning.
Following the workshop I downloaded some of Enzo’s booklets, which contain most of the information he covered. This has helped me cement some concepts in my brain and brought me to a better understanding of what he was trying to teach us. The workshop also gave me the opportunity to share a number of organic and biodynamic wines that I’ve been collecting over the past several years.
Kind regards,
Cheryll Frank

To whom it may concern at the Biodynamic Scholarship Fund, Thank you;
        I am really uncertain as to where to begin. The week I spent in Paonia, CO. in September, 2013 on a ½ scholarship from the Biodynamic Scholarship Fund was unquestionably one of the profoundest, most life-changing, intellectually stimulating and heart and spirit-opening seminars I have ever attended.  It was huge, very moving, and extremely instructive.
        Enzo Nastati teaches with a clarity of mind and spirit that is unparalleled.  He clearly understands the work of Rudolph Steiner at multiple levels, has integrated it into his own being, and is now taking it the next steps deeper through his homeodynamic work.  He teaches with a certainty, combined with a humility that is truly touching. There is reverence in his teaching.  He is always in his heart, which is a rare find among intense intellects.  He taught very long days (9 am to 9 pm, with meal breaks), yet remained fully present the entire time.  Interestingly, my mind never wandered, despite the overload of information and the very long hours.
        He also teaches by what eastern tradition would call ‘shaktipat’, by direct transmission.  Early on, although I neither read nor speak no Italian, I began to understand what he had just said before the translation confirmed my understanding.  One time I saw him checking the clock to see how much time he had before break, and, reading his mind, I heard myself telling him in Italian how much time was left – this totally shocked me, where did that come from?
        I have already begun pruning my orchard trees in the manner he taught – what fun: open centered counter-clockwise spirals.  I am looking forward to experimenting with and hence learning from the many very specific ways he taught us to work with the plants with the compost with the pests…
        I feel ever so grateful that your added dollars made it possible for me to attend.  I remember the first day he was asking us what brought us there.  I said it was my heart.  I really was not clear what I was coming to.  I just knew I had to be there.  My expectations, whatever they were, were surpassed again and again.
        My only regret, which has nothing to do with the seminar, is that I was the only person from my area attending, and that I only have one biodynamic bud in a neighboring town.  I intend to gather my notes, and begin to share the teachings slowly with others in order to learn them more deeply myself.
        I had no camera with me at the training, and unless someone took a picture of me there which I do not know about, I have no picture of me there.  I’m enclosing a picture of me in our Sedona desert environment because Enzo spoke extensively of how to work with our desert lands; see attached
        Again, thank you so much, yours most sincerely,
J Marianna Hartsong,  
My experience of the Enzo Seminars was truly incredible!  With his years of Biodynamic experience he has truly penetrated the spiritual science behind these techniques, so that his lectures are packed with both the practical applications and explanations of how these techniques work.
I also really appreciated his ability to quickly adapt the Biodynamics to our harsh high altitude desert growing climate!  I am looking forward to better success and less work in applying the preps to my farm.

Thanks again,
Melinda Bateman
October 2013
 Fall in Western Colorado, a grand display!  The landscape’s shift to warm hues provided an ideal setting to consider true alchemy.  Pure, living gold.  The Enzo Nastati Seminars (Paonia, CO October 2013) was a much needed dose of optimism and forward thinking after a long, dry and hard season of faming.  Enzo welcomed us by telling the group that he was glad we were there because:  “we need men who love life”.  Sharing his thoughts on the fortitude of heart essential to a farmer and asking us all to open our minds and hearts to the alchemy of life. We spent the next 5 days learning techniques of thinking, feeling and willing in order to create newfound harmony and resistance to modern issues and challenges in growing and living.
The information covered was all very intuitive, yet new to me and I am still digesting much of it.  I am now in a place to re-evaluate what creating a high end “sustainable” product means.  Cultivating a rhythm, health and vibrancy extends beyond the standard organic practices we have been relying on on our farm.  We are faced with increasingly complex issues that must be addressed with an all inclusive perspective.  Enzo’s concepts showed us how to open to observing and working with the 4 aspects of everything, interact with the amoebas of space and time, consider the cosmic forces and re-build the alliance with the natural world through transformative illumination.  I am still thinking about what this means for the farm I work for and how we will begin to incorporate BD practices, Enzo style.
The simple time saving methods of using the lemniscates and other sacred geometry to strengthen preparations and applications were so simple, yet so valuable.  Enzo encouraged us to observe on all levels to choose the right moments to sow and use preparations in order to open a dialog with plants and the elemental beings.  Having grace in creating and applying BD methods will restore the elegance through dialog with plants in which we can learn their secret names.  Enzo gave us formulas for predicaments such as salt abatement and cold resistance and gave us a new way of thinking and problem solving for the more complex issues such as drought and chemical contamination.
The enthusiasm flourished even after the seminar came to a close as study groups formed to discuss our interpretations and approaches to regional ‘problems’, and folks coordinated prep making sessions, etc.  The seminars not only expanded my personal knowledge but strengthen the collective- group ‘I’.  
I am increasingly grateful for the opportunity to attend these lectures and would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Biodynamic Association for help with my tuition.  I feel like I have been given a gift, shown a way of doing things that comes from a place of love, fortified with infinite lemniscates, able to solve any problem through changing perspective!  True alchemy.  Once shown this way of thinking, feeling and willing- I have a moral obligation to practice and share it…..Observing the trees, in their spectacular display I am inspired to think, feel and will, a true love for life.
With Gratitude,
Kara Manns

Summary of the Enzo Nastati Homeodynamic Seminar at Foxhollow Farm, Crestwood, KY 18-22 October 2013
Nearly 30 biodynamic growers, teachers, and supporters gathered for a transformational seminar at the exemplary biodynamic farm and teaching center, Foxhollow Farm in Crestwood KY. The eminent scholar, teacher, and practitioner of biodynamic and homeodynamic methods, Enzo Nastati, led the group in an intensive exploration of these methods. I was able to attend this rare gathering thanks to a generous scholarship from the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association.  Prior to attending this seminar I knew relatively little about Enzo Nastati and his self-described homeodynamic methods. Yet as soon as I found out about the seminar, I felt it would be an incredible opportunity and I was not disappointed.  For five days Nastati presented invaluable insights and methodologies addressing modern agricultural challenges. Throughout the course Nastati stressed the importance of bringing the biodynamic methods into modern times, freeing ourselves from a self-imposed constraint of attempting to follow verbatim Steiner’s methods laid out in the foundation of agriculture course from 1924. Nastati believes that Steiner intended to give a total of four courses detailing the biodynamic methods, but was able to give only one.  There are numerous indications in the initial course that point to further discussions and revelations of the biodynamic method, yet these never happened. As Nastati explained during the course, we need to build more floors to complete the house which Steiner began building by laying that foundation in Agriculture. While some members of the biodynamic community may feel that the homeodynamic approach strays too far from the methods detailed in Agriculture, Nastati’s methods are precisely an expansion of the incomplete methods given by Steiner. One of the most interesting approaches proposed by Nastati is the use of the BD preparations 502-507 as individual treatments for particular problems, rather than limiting their use to the making of compost. Nastati does not stop here, but has developed numerous other preparations and dynamizing methods to assist modern BD farmers in our myriad challenges. He argues that the problems we face from climate change (read drought, floods, and weather extremes), increased pest pressure, pollution, and a general lack of an overall thriving of biodynamic growers and methods (as compared to the certified organic movement and number of COG farms compared to BD farms), requires that we act in a revolutionary way to keep biodynamics relevant in the modern age. Steiner argues for the necessity of the development of free will in humans, and Nastati is furthering this urging by encouraging farmers to explore novel uses of the tools Steiner gave us nearly 100 years ago. Through development of our higher consciousness, we enable ourselves to fully participate in the unfolding of evolution of ourselves and our planet by perceiving elemental forces with which we may work to bring about true vitality of our soils, plants, and farms. I would be happy to discuss what I’ve learned from this amazing experience with anyone who is curious to learn more. Please contact me at Thank you so much for this opportunity to further my understanding of this work.
Amy Hamilton
As I pulled into Fox Hollow Farm to attend the Enzo Nastati Seminar, the anticipation of the knowledge I would gain in biodynamics was palpable.  I knew I would be surrounded with like-minded souls all eager to learn from this master.  The next five days, however, turned out to be even more than I could have imagined.  The lessons taught and wisdom shared from Enzo were life changing.  Nine hours of lecture each day, translated from his native Italian, was captured on paper in 80 pages of notes that will guide my biodynamic practices for years to come.  My fellow attendees and I responded to Enzo with an insatiable thirst to know more.  He shared his pragmatic applications with theoretical concepts.  My mind was truly opened up to the unseen forces that are play on the farm, a concept that has been hard for me to grasp in the past.
My days at the Enzo Nastati Seminar have started me on a sacred path in the use of biodynamics.  I have already started making applications and spreading it on our land.  My interconnectedness with the Earth is more keenly felt and I have a greater sense of responsibility to protect and connect with all that is around me.  I want to thank the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association for the scholarship that enabled me to attend this amazing seminar.   
Bruce Forrester
October 2013


Enzo Nastati Homeodynamic Workshop
Rancho del Gallo, Paonia, Colorado, Oct. 10 – 14th 2013

I am so grateful for your financial assistance to attend Enzo Nastati’s Homeodynamic Workshop here in Paonia.  My understanding of the founding principles of biodynamics and Steiner’s indications for agriculture have been broadened and deeply grounded. I enjoyed having him come to our bioregion and experience the nature of our valley. This was an incredible five days for our community here in Paonia to come together and share in the depth of knowledge that was transmitted. Enzo addressed each of the concerns we are experiencing on our farms, giving practical solutions and also helping us to look underneath the symptoms to understand the real causes of imbalance we are working with. Personally I was touched by his embodiment of all he presented to us, and am inspired to live and work our gardens and fields as my practice to express my full potential and be all I am.
Yesterday as I sprayed our fields with the prep he suggested, my heart and mind were opened to possibilities previously unimaginable. I am opening to the true harmony which I have experienced in nature so many times, without having to journey deep into the wilderness. These preps and guidance teach me to live in harmony on this Earth as a Human Being in community.  Such a Gift!
Denise Claire Laverty

1. For which educational program did you receive a scholarship?
Enzo Nasti Workshop  Paonia, Colorado and Foxhollow Farm, Kentucky
2. Overall, how would you rate the educational program you participated in?
3. What did you gain from this experience?
Wow, he went over all the Biodynamic techniques with dynamized recipes for our high desert climate. He also gave recipes for additional preps that we could make to assist with the difficulties of growing here. He also went over all the anthroposical indications or thinking behind his choices. He did not want to just give us dogmas, or make us dependent on him and his preparations.
I feel deeply committed to creating our farm in such a way that it supports the vitality of Life. I received advice for making our preparations more effective, ways to use the preps in seed baths, make better compost piles etc and I felt an awakening to my inner life, in a way that makes me want to be a student of life, so that I can actually discover these methods that Enzo put forth as a way to be more understanding of the spirit and the farm coming together for life.
Enzo opened a lot of doors to the future of biodynamics, while putting all the principles in order. His methods are logical and methodical, while still focused on the spiritual forces around us. Working with him answered a lot of questions for me, and made me understand that I have the capability to continue the journey.
I gained more knowledge during this seminar than I could have dreamed of. The nine hour lecture days deepened my understanding of the biodynamic foundations while also giving me a new outlook on the natural world. The course had farming/gardening aspects in both the practical and theoretical. Enzo really helped me see the farm and its environment as un-compartmentalize, allowing me now to make better choices with environmental integration and synthesis in mind.
A renewed sense of inspiration, perspective, and approach to Steiner's fundamental teachings; wonderful connections to other dedicated members of the anthroposophic and biodynamic community; solutions to specific challenges on my farm; a deeper connection to Steiner's work rooted very much in the "here and now"; hope; confidence in my abilities as a farmer.
This workshop was of vital importance to help grow the Erbe grain that Enzo is familiar with. Very useful was Enzo's teaching on the Laws of Life, to learn the Secret Name of the plants
A theoretical background of basic Homeodynamic principals developed by Enzo Nastati. Practical guidance to begin a Homeodynamic approach to our own farm procedures. Logical and esoteric knowledge to apply to all of our farming issues. Familiarity with a community of BD farmers.
A whole new perspective on approaching farming in both a spiritual and practical way. Many of the concepts presented were new to me and the days were filled with information. I am still digesting the valuable, time saving and practical applications that Enzo presented us. Perhaps the most important thing I learned was to stop, look and think- allow the alchemy to be part of a personal journey merging experience, instinct, patterns and laws of the universe with the secret language of plants and the world around us. As Enzo put it: "engage in dialog with plants to restore elegance to the universe."...or something along those lines!
There were so many things that I gained from this seminar. Enzo gave us the formulas for many new preps as well as innovative ways to prepare and use them. I have also got more insight into the cosmic and spiritual relationships in the world around us.
For me this was a beyond-the-beyond experience. Enzo's grasp of Biodynamics and his expansion into homeopathy, expanded my personal, cognitive, spiritual and biodynamic universe immensely. He is a wisdom teacher. His brain is totally present, but so is his heart. He teaches by direct energy transfer which was an unexpected treat. I feel extraordinarily blessed to have been able to participate in this workshop and grateful for the financial support you gave me that enabled me to do so. Thank you.
I was inspired to be a farmer working with the Earth is a conscious way, living and being on this land as a spiritual practice that is practical!

4. How will you apply what you learned?
I have already begun to experiment with his suggestions. Such as burying 500 in a 3 foot deep pit, or making a dynamized valerian prep and using it as a seed soak to grow a late crop of spinach in my un heated greenhouse. I hope to further strenghten my farm and also take this work into some consulting and international work.
Step by step I hope to apply the practicals of what Enzo presented. I am definitely re-thinking our irrigation plan. We will be burying our horns differently, building our compost with his techniques, enlivening our water, sowing our seeds from the south, being more aware of creating quality. He gave so much advice and information to contemplate, I am very enthusiastic to study my notes -- I feel that my perspective has changed quite a bit--I feel it is less important to make money, and more important to make quality.
I will put the principles into practice on my own farm and share this new-found knowledge with anyone who is interested.
With this new deepened understanding of biodynamics, I'm going to give a couple short lectures, about biodynamics, to local garden clubs. I will also apply, and test, what I learned in my own garden.
I will apply specific techniques on my farm, particularly in weed and "pest" management; the organization of my farm; practices to increase the humus/organic matter on my farm; relationships with the elemental beings on my farm; practices to increase the overall vigor and vitality of the living beings on my farm which will translate to the quality and quantity of my crops. I also will share what I have learned with members of my biodynamic community.
I will use what I learned both in grain growing and bread making, especially the potentizing techniques
Implications of the tools of this new knowledge will become inherent in every action and plan for our farm. This information is truly applicable to every aspect of life.
I am still digesting this. Our local community has plans to get together to discuss eachother's notes and interpretations. I am now ready to participate in the budding BD community. I will begin making the essential preps on our farm using the time-saving "super, super" methods and rhythms Enzo demonstrated. It is clear that all of the concepts are connected and the connections are certainly presenting themselves everyday at new levels! I will definitely use the salt abatement prep that Enzo taught us in order to remedy a pressing issue on farm.
I will be making all of the new preps that he gave us to use in my garden. I will also continue to study his work so that I can share it with my local community and also so that I may grasp an even greater understanding.
First, I will take a year or two applying it on my own land. I would like to gather some like-minded folk with whom I can share what I learned, but know of only one other biodynamic person in my area. I plan to read extensively Enzo's works that are translated into English.
I have already sprayed one of the preps that Enzo recommended for the salinity in the soil on one of our fields. We are also beginning to deeper study of his books.
5. Do you have any suggestions for improving the educational program you participated in?
It would have been really great to actually make and stir one prep together.
No - Every one's efforts made this accessible and possible for me.
It might have been nice to have some handouts.
No, it was top-notch
It was excellent.
Well, actually I forgot to mention that it would have been great to have name tags
I would like more hands on . Perhaps a follow up seminar of practical first steps. Perhaps an internship opportunity in Italy.
The language barrier was a bit of an issue for me. I know that he needed somebody that really understood his work to translate. She did get better towards the end of the seminar but I feel that I lost some things in the translation.
No, it was really very perfect just as it was.
Location was cold due to being outside for meals.

6. Do you have any suggestions for improving the Biodynamic Scholarship Fund? (Such as application and notification process, publicity, communications, etc.)
I do not--It all went very smoothly for me.
No, it was a pretty simple process.
I would have thought that more people would have attended, especially with an offer of a scholarship from you, so perhaps more publicity?
Just thank you.
This fund allowed us to attend. Attending brings us and our farm a new start and a lifetime of learning. I have no complaint. Posting any suggestions from more experienced farmers for reference.
No. This has been an amazing opportunity, and I feel so much gratitude for this fund, Thank you.
No, it was easy and I am grateful for the service you offer.
7. Any other reflections you would like to share?
I am very grateful that there is support for biodynamics. I feel it is very important for our future.
It was a great group of people and I cannot say enough about the generosity of our hosts at Foxhollow Farm.
This was a hugely transformational experience for me in so many ways. I know that this experience will ripple throughout my life for a very long time. Without your help I probably would not have attended. I cannot thank you enough for this amazing opportunity. Gratzi gratzi thank you thank you!
I know Enzo is not the only one proposing additional biodynamic methods for our time, but these are crucial with the challenges we are facing today. There was chemical fertilizer, but little electro magnetic pollution, environmental pollution, radio activity, which we need to address with spiritual methods
Gratitude for such an opportunity!
I would just like say thank you to the scholarship fund, it made a big difference for our conference!
BD farmers (and the world) could seemingly all benefit from this expanded form of Biodynamics

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